The National Teams of Technology Support Program

The Turkish Technology Team Foundation provides various supports to teams which aim to specialize in specific fields and develop projects every year. It aims to support young people that conduct projects as a team and are in need of financial and technical support in this context in order for them to participate in national and international competitions through support programs.



Competitions Included in the Support Program

Applications the teams having a project and getting prepared for the competitions determined by the board of the Turkish Technology Team Foundation are evaluated. Click here for the competitions applications for which are accepted.

The competitions supported within the program are not limited to the list and competitions considered suitable by the board of the Turkish Technology Team Foundation are evaluated within The National Teams of Technology Support Program. Required criteria of competition which is not on the list and for which support application will be made are as follows;

• The competition's being recognized internationally

• The competition's being in line with the goal of "the National Technology Initiative" for our country

• The competition's being acknowledged according to some criteria.

Criteria considered during the evaluation process of the teams applied for the support are as follows;

• Grasp of the technical details of the competition
• Experience and knowledge in the technology competitions
• Sustainability of team works
• Technical compliance of team members
• Defining roles and responsibilities of team members
• Preparing a detailed project plan
• The team needs to participate and be successful in the international competition, for which it applied, and, if any, in the national equivalent of it.


Evaluation Process of the Suppport Program


The conditions required for team members of a project to benefit from the support include supporting trainings and programs intended for the secondary and high school students of the Turkish Technology Team, presenting the Turkish Technology Team as one of their sponsors, using the Foundation’s logo in the competitions they joined. You can find more information about the scope of the support program and application process on Regulations on The National Teams of Technology Support Program.

Applications for the National Teams of Technology Support program will be received through the T3 Foundation Corporate Management System. 
Click here to review guidelines before applying.