Keşif Kampüsü represents a campus that offers a unique education model by blending training on experimental setups in science centers with workshop education.

Free 384 Hours of Training for 2 Years

It consists of unique workshops and exploration areas based on 8 themes including science, technology and social areas. There are workshop environments and discovery areas where trainings on the themes of Nature, Physics, Human Sciences & Chemistry, Technology, Mathematics, Astronomy & Aviation, Personal Development and Supportive Education (art, music) will be given.

A Different Day in Education

Keşif Kampüsü allows the schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education to benefit from the workshops in this center by coming with the slogan of "A Different Day in Education". In addition, on the weekends, it offers students selected by examination the opportunity to study within the scope of a unique curriculum of 384 hours free for 2 years.