With the contributions of these four important institutions that contribute to the development of young people in Türkiye, especially in the field of technology, Deneyap Türkiye has been implemented.

An important cooperation has been established between Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Industry and Technology, Ministry of Youth and Sports, TÜBİTAK and the Turkish Technology Team Foundation for the establishment of 100 Deneyap Technology Workshops in 81 cities within the framework of the first 100-Day Action Program of our Presidency.

The main purpose of Deneyap Türkiye is to raise young individuals with high technology production competence who will be the driving force of the National Technology Initiative, which we consider indispensable for the development of our country. We believe that our young people, who have interest and talent in this field, have the potential to achieve great things with sufficient opportunities and the right direction, and we know that there are young people in Türkiye who can be future scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs. We are moving forward to support them on their way to be productive and innovative individuals who contribute to the development of our country.

36 Months Free Trainings

The educational model of Deneyap Technology Workshops is designed for students to gain skills such as entrepreneurship, creative thinking, critical thinking, solving complex problems, effective communication and teamwork. In Deneyap Technology Workshops, students are selected as a result of a two-stage exam, an e-exam and a practice exam, and receive 36-month free training in 11 different technology areas. In the e-exam, students are asked questions about mathematics, science, algorithms and current information. In the practice exam, students are expected to present their projects within the framework of the given theme, express themselves and present their prototypes to the jury within the specified time. Our junior high school and high school students selected for education will be educated in Design and Production, Robotics and Coding, Electronic Programming and Internet of Things, Materials Science and Nanotechnology, Software Technologies, Energy Technologies, Cyber ​​Security, Mobile Application, Advanced Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Aviation and Space Technologies. They receive training on a total of 11 topics. During the 36-month training period, they receive training on 11 different topics for the first 24 months, and in the last 12 months, they get ready for National and International competitions by entering the Teaming Period. During this 3-year period, they gain competence in basic technologies, deepening in special interests, and ability to produce projects.

100 Experimental Technology Workshops in 81 provinces

Deneyap Technology Workshops raising Future Technology Stars In 12 provinces under the 1st phase, 18 provinces in the 2nd phase, 27 provinces in the 3rd phase, and 26 provinces in the 4th phase, the goal of establishing a total of 100 Deneyap Technology Workshops in 81 provinces has been completed as of 2022.