Deneyap Technology Workshops were launched to raise engineers, technology entrepreneuers and technology leaders for a fully independent and strong Turkey within the framework of the "Technology Stars of the Future" program in July 2017 as a project of the Turkish Technology Team Foundation.

Secondary school (4th and 5th grade) and high school (8th grade, 9th grade and high school preparatory class) students who want to get involved in the Technology Stars of the Future Program need to complete their online applications during the application period announced on our website. Applicants go through a two-stage selection process: an exam with 60 questions in total, consisting of Mathematics, Science, Algorithm and General Culture, and a project assignment. Our students, who successfully complete the process within the determined quota, are included in a 36-month training program at Deneyap Technology Workshops.

Our instructor staff, who train the Technology Stars of the Future, consists of undergraduate or post-graduate students, graduates, teachers and experts working in the private sector.

All of our instructors participate in the instructor training program organized by us to be able to teach at workshops. Due to the practice-oriented nature of our training, we have two instructors in each classroom, an engineer and a teacher. In addition, we have an intern psychologist in our classrooms who observes the instructors and students on a weekly basis in order to monitor that the trainings are carried out efficiently.