Turkish Technology Team TEKNOFEST Izmir

As the Turkish Technology Team we continue hosting our guests at TEKNOFEST Izmir with our Keşif Kampüsü and Bilim Türkiye on Bilim Sokağı, T3 Foundation Stand, Deneyap and Deneyap Kart event areas.

In our events that is going to last until October 1, you can participate in more than 60 workshops and take part in various activities, from the Virtual Reality Tunnel to the Planetarium where we open the doors of space.

Keşif Kampüsü

At TEKNOFEST Izmir, Canik Özdemir Bayraktar Keşif Kampüsü which provides 5 different workshops aiming to develop children's hand skills and imagination in the 10-14 age group, including the Doodle Robot Workshop, Stone Painting Workshop, Origami Workshop, Paper Circuit Workshop, Felt Keychain Workshop and Gaziantep Keşif Kampüsü which provides workshops aiming to offer our children a fun experience in many different areas from drawing to production for the 6-9 age groups, including the Blown Rocket Workshop, Finger Puppet Workshop, Flower Workshop, String Doll Workshop and My Feelings Workshop, continue its activities at full speed.

Bilim Türkiye

TEKNOFEST Izmir is way more fun now with the stands of Science Turkiye. Science Turkiye Workshops, which offer experiences from various fields as Entrepreneurship Workshop, Natural Sciences Workshop, Design Workshop, Mathematics Workshop, Agriculture Technologies Workshop, Astronomy and Aviation Workshop, and Technology Workshop, inspire our children to discover themselves. We enable our children to imagine, design, and create in a total of 55 different workshops, ranging from Effective Communication Workshop to My Bones Workshop, from the Dancing Ghosts Workshop to Ceramic Clay Shaping Workshop. Science Turkiye stands are waiting for you for tens of events that will enable our children to learn while having fun and develop while producing.

Deneyap | Deneyap Card

Did you know that you could build a motor at TEKNOFEST Izmir Deneyap Worksops? Our propeller starting practices with the circuits we built with our children at Motor Experiment Set Workshop continue at full speed!

We provide children with a rich experience in a total of 5 different workshops starting from TEKNOFEST Izmir Deneyap Workshops which provides KIZILELMA Aircraft Workshop and Rocket Design Workshop, to TEKNOFEST Izmir Deneyap Card Workshops which provides Rainbow Workshop where we create a rainbow with RGB LEDs and the World of 1s and 0s Coding Workshop where we create shapes with the Deneyap 5x7 Led Matrix module.