The Stage is Yours at TEKNOFEST Ankara and İzmir!


The stage is yours at TEKNOFEST, the world's largest aerospace and technology festival, to be held at Etimesgut Airport between August 30 - September 3 and at Çiğli Airport between September 27 - October 1!

Everyone that believes in their talents both sing their songs and play their instruments either as a band or individually at TEKNOFEST's main stage.

Music lovers offer pleasant moments to participants and visitors while they get the opportunity to demonstrate their talents to the whole world at TEKNOFEST stage to be established in Ankara Etimesgut Airport and İzmir Çiğli Airport  with "The Stage Is Yours" event held 2 times, once before noon and once in the afternoon, a day throughout the festival.

We are waiting for your application if ayou say "The Stage Is Mine" in our journey that we set out #foryoutocome.

Click here to apply.