Project Exam Results Announced!

The results of the "Samsun Discovery Campus" and "Canik Özdemir Bayraktar Discovery Campus" project exams of the Discovery Campus, which we established as a children's university as the Turkish Technology Team Foundation, have been announced.

Students were asked to build a durable search and rescue robot which is resistant to special cases during the project exam that is carried out with 1176 students. Students who have successfully passed the exam as a result of evaluation process will begin their education program in April at Samsun Keşif Kampüsü and Canik Özdemir Bayraktar Keşif Kampüsü.

320 students at Canik Özdemir Bayraktar Keşif Kampüsü and 256 students at Samsun Keşif Kampüsü will receive a 384 hour of education program for 2 years.

For Exam Results:

Winners must register at the campuses they won between March 27 and April 03. Registration process is carried out at the campus where each student is placed.