Our Aid Campaign, As The T3 Foundation, For The Areas Affected By The Earthquake Continues!

Following the earthquakes based in Kahramanmaraş and hitting 10 provinces, the Turkish Technology Team (T3) Foundation, is continuing its efforts to heal wounds in the disaster areas.

We Donated a Monetary Aid of 10 Million TRY

Initially, we donated a monetary aid of 10 million TRY to AFAD for earthquake victims affected by the disaster. We mobilized the Deneyap centers within our foundation as logistics warehouses for storing supplies and basic necessities in the first place. After organizing the necessities, we began transferring them to disaster areas.

Relief packages of supplies and basic necessities were delivered to the needy by 255 volunteers of the T3 Foundation. The distribution of emergency supplies, coordinated with AFAD, continues thanks to the support of our volunteers.

We are Establishing Technology Workshops in the Disaster Areas

Workshops will be established to support the educational life of children in the disaster areas and facilitate their participation in social life and a program very similar to the technological training that is already offered to students at Deneyap Workshops will be launched.