Meaningful Visit to Bilim Baku Center

Meaningful Visit to Bilim Baku Center

which continues to spread science and technology across Turkey with the goal of creating a "Technologically Advanced Türkiye" and bringing children who are curious, open to exploration, and have limitless dreams in the field of science and technology, signed a cooperation protocol with the State Citizenship Services and Social Innovations Agency under the Azerbaijan Presidency, establishing Bilim Baku. The center recently hosted valuable guests.

Turkish Technology Team Foundation (T3 Foundation), During the visit to the Bilim Bakü Center with the participation of T3 Foundation Board of Trustees Chairman Selçuk Bayraktar, Ülvi Mehdiyev, the President of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (ASAN Service), and Cahit Bağcı, the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Azerbaijan, they met with the children studying at the center.

After meeting with the children, a presentation was held in the ASAN conference hall regarding the one-year plans of the Baku Science Center. The briefing emphasized that the center was established with the aim of maintaining the existing interest of students, especially those aged 6-14, in science and technology or increasing their interest in these fields and providing them with an understanding of the practical application of scientific knowledge. It was highlighted that at the Bilim Bakü Center, 6 laboratories have been allocated for every 20 students, allowing them to engage in practical activities in the fields of natural sciences, technology, mathematics, astronomy, space and aviation, design, and entrepreneurship. It was also mentioned that the center aims to enable students to make rapid progress in their chosen field through various options, such as 8-week accelerated programs, by benefiting from the experiences of institutions like Stanford University, which have proven themselves on a global scale. Additionally, it was noted that leading universities in Turkey would play an active and pioneering role in these programs. In addition to the education provided to children, it was stated that teacher academies were established for teacher training, and workshops were organized for parents to participate with their children.

Following the presentation in the ASAN conference hall, speeches were given by Ülvi Mehdiyev, Selçuk Bayraktar, and Cahit Bağcı. After the speeches, Selçuk Bayraktar was awarded the "Efficient Cooperation with ASAN Service" medal by the decision of the President of Azerbaijan.