For Our Children to Shape the Future of Technology!

Our handicrafts book that is intended for children over 6 and prepared by us to contribute to develop children’s skills such as spatial thinking and fine motor skills is on sale on TEKNOFEST Store.

Our children will acquire artistical skills from numerous different civilizations with this book, in which we prioritized the importance of imagination and instilling visual imagination.

I was so little and tiny and my designs were just a dream…

We set out on a journey towards the most ancient civilizations with The World’s Traditional Handicraft Book to promote handicrafts in the world. We compiled art branches unique to Türkiye out of the cultures of Asia and Europe, which embody Türkiye, using countries ranging from the Far East to Japan, from the South Asia to India, from the Middle Eastern countries to Iran.

You will find an opportunity have fun while learning countries’ culture of art thanks to our protagonists that will accompany the audience in this unique journey among civilizations. We aimed to develop your fine motor and focusing skills with Mandala, Ornamentation and Miniature within our activities, which we prepared for you and is comprised of 5 stages, and spatial and creative thinking skills in creating unique designs with Origami and Kirigami.

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