Excitement Continues at TEKNOFEST İzmir

Aerospace, Space, and Technology Festival TEKNOFEST continued at full speed on its second day in Izmir. The festival that is going to host Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on its third day, once again provided unforgettable moments for the visitors through its packed schedule and activities.

On the second day of TEKNOFEST, holding at Izmir Çiğli Airport under the leadership of the Turkish Technology Team Foundation and the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the main stage featured “Connect to Life Choir”, “Rafadan Tayfa, Technological Crew”, “Hurkus and Gokbey Musical”, “The Stage is Yours”, and the “Flying Kids Acrobatics” performances which attracted a great attention from visitors. Visitors also experienced “Vertical Wind Tunnel”, “Climate Tunnel”, “Solar Observation”, “Planetarium”, “Space Themed Children’s Park”, “Simulation Experience Areas”, “Stakeholder-Sponsor Participant Stand Activities”, “Land and Air Vehicle Exhibitions”, “Hot Air Balloon”, and “Pedal Flight Activity”. TEKNOFEST Science Street Workshops and participatory workshops organized by stakeholders and sponsors continued throughout the day.

Solo Turk, once again performed a spectacular demonstration flight in the skies of Izmir. The performances of the Gendarmerie Steel Wings, Paramotor, and domestically produced Atak Helicopter were acclaimed at the festival.

Within the scope of TEKNOFEST Entrepreneurship Competition; teams consisting of successful students from across the country competed in the “Makeathon” and “Idea Marathon” as part of Deneyap at the events were held to showcase initiatives in the fields of “Tourism Technologies and Games,” “Environment, Energy, and Climate Technologies,” “Barrier-Free Living Technologies,” and “Health and Well-being Technologies.”

An Unforgettable Flight Experience for Children at TEKNOFEST

TEKNOFEST, the festival that brings children together with their dreams, continued its traditional special flights in Izmir, just as it has done since its first year. As part of the flight program, today, a total of 209 children, including students from the Manisa Village School, students from various cities through the Turkish Red Crescent Orphan Supoort Project, students from the Özdemir Bayraktar Foundation’s “Let a Child Come and Touch an Airplane” travel program, and Aliaga District Governorate Martyrs’ Children, had an unforgettable experience as they met the sky.