Deneyap Kart Academy Trainings - 2 Begins!

Join the trainings of the Deneyap Kart, which is produced and developed with domestic engineering facilities on the path we set out with the target of a "Technology Developing Türkiye" as the Turkish Technology Team Foundation.

Deneyap Kart is an electronic development card where you can easily do many projects such as short range or remote communication with the built-in wifi and bluetooth module on it. The purpose of the Deneyap Kart Academy Trainings is to develop the competence of technology enthusiasts by using Deneyap Karts, to present examples about the concepts of the Internet of Things, and to contribute to the realization of high-impact projects.

Within the scope of the Deneyap Kart Academy Studies, trainings will be given on the Deneyap Karts which are produced and developed locally with the awareness of the National Technology Initiative.

For application: