Deneyap Design and Production Project Festival Held!

Within the scope of the 4th phase, 8210 Future Technology Stars, who received training at the Experiap Technology Workshop in 42 provinces, completed their Design and Production training.

In the Design and Production Project Festival held in 42 provinces on 25-26 March 2023, more than 1700 teams, including 1157 secondary school level teams and 566 high school level teams, participated in the 12 week Design and Production course; During the journey with the theme of "Journey in My Dreams" in line with the gains of realizing the problems encountered in real life and approaching the difficulties with a human-centered perspective, designing creative solutions by considering the basic processes of design-oriented thinking, teamwork and being able to carry the two-dimensional design solutions on paper into three dimensions. They produced solutions for the problems that occurred and designed prototypes for the solutions they produced.

The students completed the Design and Production Project Festival by presenting the prototypes they designed to the juries.