As the Turkish Technology Team Foundation, We Continue Our Aid Activities in the Disaster Area

We, as the Turkish Technology Team Foundation, continue our aid campaign with our volunteers after the earthquake that affected our nation profoundly and is described as the “disaster of the century” since the first day. Following the earthquakes cantered in Kahramanmaraş and causing devastation in 11 provinces, we went to the field in coordination with AFAD and donated a monetary aid of 10 million TRY to AFAD in order to heal wounds of the disaster. 

What We Do

Delivering priority necessities from supplies and materials aid to tent instalments, psychological counselling to medical aid by monitoring these necessities closely with 267 volunteers working alternately in 7 provinces, our Foundation unloaded dozens of trucks carrying tents, generators, water, dry food, canned food, power banks, clothes, heaters, sleeping-bags, blankets, quilts, underclothes, shoes, coats, hygiene materials and baby stuffs in Kahramanmaraş, Hatay, Gaziantep, Adıyaman, Malatya, Şanlıurfa and Adana. Transforming Deneyap Centers into logistic warehouses since the first day, we continue our efforts in these spots in coordination with AFAD, Red Crescent and military units. We responded to the requests addressed to our call center by volunteers, trainers, students’ parents, and students by directing our teams working in the field to these requests quickly, and we continue to do so.

We, as the T3 Foundation, continue our aids to earthquake affected area incessantly. We have delivered 12,600 TEKNOFEST sanitizer kits, 2,000 TEKNOFEST jackets and 75 fire extinguishers to needers by now.

We Resume Our Efforts

We serve food to thousands of citizens every day at Kafum and Avşa Meal Center in Kahramanmaraş and Samandağ Meal Center in Hatay. We install stove in the earthquake affected area for families in need and deliver fuel wood to those families with our volunteers. Furthermore, we continue to deliver baby diapers, toys and infant formula to needers as well as numerous necessities.

We, as the Turkish Technology Team Foundation, Stand with Children

We implement education programs similar to those that are already taught to children at Deneyap and Bilim Türkiye workshops, at the T3 Foundation’s Game and Activity Tents established in tent and container cities to support the education processes of young children affected by the earthquake and to speed up their participation in social life. Programs prepared by the acknowledged experts for earthquake victim children are carried out meticulously by our volunteers in our Game and Activity Tents. We, as the T3 Foundation, organize various activities such as observing the sun by telescope, Xbox and VR headset event, model aircraft workshop, making robot, lathe and board games, origami activity, night lamp workshop, making tower out of cups workshop, colouring and drawing activities, colouring cloth bag, adorning books and making bookmarker, drone shows and making aircraft activity, mind and intelligence games, handcraft skills acquiring activities (play dough, making grass head, finger puppet, balloon painting game) and educational games (tug of war, attention game, dodge ball, musical chairs, skipping rope, signal game, old cushion game), and nature, technology, design and astronomy workshops.

Children who have met our astronaut mascots in the T3 Foundation’s Game and Activity Tent are having a good time. We are working to revive the lives of our children with activities like producing cotton candy, movie screening, birthday celebrations, and sportive activities like chess and volleyball tournaments as well as musical activities. Furthermore, we make our citizens of all ages to observe the sky by telescope.

We serve to hundreds of children with the T3 Foundation’s Game and Activity Tents operating in 12 different spots in Adıyaman, Kahramanmaraş, Gaziantep, Hatay and Malatya. The locations where our Game and Activity Tents serve are as follows;

- Adıyaman: Eğriçayı Tent City, Adıyaman University Tent City
- Kahramanmaraş: Kafum Tent City, Avşar Tent City, Elbistan Pınarbaşı Recreation Zone Tent City, Pazarcık Tent City
- Gaziantep: Nurdağı Tent City, İslahiye Kalyon Tent City
- Hatay: Boynuyoğun Temporary Shelter Site, Defne Orhanlı Tent City
- Malatya: Maşti Tent City, Beydağı Tent City

We have been delivering humanitarian aid necessities to people of the region with our colleagues working devotedly since the first day, and we continue our efforts incessantly.

We will heal the wounds caused by the earthquake and recover all together.