As T3 Foundation, We are with Earthquake Victims During Eid

As the Turkish Technology Team Foundation, we celebrated eid with our board of trustees, board of directors, volunteers and earthquake victims.

We came together with our citizens, our team and volunteers who have been working hard in the region since the first moment of the earthquake, also during the eid. We experienced the joy of eid together in T3 Foundation Game and Activity Tents, which embraced all our children during the month of Ramadan with many social and educational activities.

The tents were decorated, the gifts were delivered to their owners…

Workshops and activities held in our Game and Activity Tents as part of the eid events started early in the morning and continued throughout the day. Our Deneyap mascot and our volunteers, who distributed chocolates, toys, balloons and gifts, celebrated eid with our earthquake victims. Our activities such as movie screenings, mind and intelligence games, VR glasses, hopscotch, jumping rope, drawing and painting, play dough, and making candy collection bags from felt continued during the eid.

Happy Eid!