A Stellar Adventure Awaits: AstroTabu Board Game Now Available!

An exciting opportunity awaits astronomy enthusiasts. The educational and entertaining board game, AstroTabu, is waiting for you at TEKNOFEST Store and other retail locations!

The game is recommended for ages 10 and above, suitable for ages 6 and above with guidance.

🚀 Educational and Entertaining:
AstroTabu is a fantastic choice for those who want to explore astronomy. In the game, teams will explain words without using restricted terms, enhancing their astronomy knowledge.

🌟 Game Story:
Are you ready to explore a brand new planet? This game revolves around teams using their astronomy knowledge to race towards a habitable planet thousands of light-years away.

🪐 Box Contents:
• 1 Game Board
• 279 Game Cards
• 4 Tokens
• 1 Bell
• 1 Sand Timer
• 1 Game Guide

Learn while having fun with the AstroTabu board game! Click here for more information and purchase options.