We are a group of young entrepreneurs and professionals who believe that it is inevitable for Türkiye to realize the National Technology Initiative in order to raise its voice for a better world and to be one of developed societies in terms of economy and life quality.

Aykut Fırat Member of the Board of Trustees

Aykut Fırat develops technology and new products in the triangle of artificial intelligence, statistics and big data as a Chief Data Scientist at Crimson Hexagon, a Boston-based social media analytics company. Before Crimson, he was Chief Scientist at Affinnova, a company acquired by market research firm Nielsen, which operates in the field of product innovation using evolutionary algorithms and the wisdom of the crowd. 

He started his entrepreneurship with IAggregate, the semantic data integration firm he founded with his thesis advisor during his doctorate, and after the purchased of this company (ArsDigita/RedHat Linux), he also worked as an academician in the USA for a while. Fırat, who shuttles between Cambridge and Istanbul, completed his undergraduate studies in Boğaziçi University and his doctorate in MIT, and he is the owner of publications, awards and patents in international journals and conferences.