High Technology and Innovation, Digital Transformation and Industry Initiative, Entrepreneurship, Human Capital and Infrastructure

Today's global balance of power shows that; high-tech product/systems must be produced and developed in order for Türkiye to raise its voice for a better world, to defend more strongly the principle of “justice and compassion for humanity”, which it upholds at the regional and global level, and to become a truly developed, prosperous and fully independent society. This process, which consists of 5 main components: "High Technology and Innovation", "Digital Transformation and Industry Initiative", "Entrepreneurship", "Human Capital" and "Infrastructure" is called the National Technology Initiative. The prerequisite for being successful in this process is to raise awareness in the whole society in order to make the "Education, R&D and Production" processes sustainable. The belief of all members of the society in the power and future of this country with a common ideal and enthusiasm forms the basis of the National Technology Initiative. In this respect, sharing the development processes of technological products with the society, making society the subject of this transformation, active participation in competitions/projects in certain focus technology areas have great importance. Even though the National Technology Initiative is only associated with technology, it is a multidimensional perspective from education to international relations, from development to social sciences, since its main focus is human. In recent years, Türkiye has embraced this strategically important ideal with a spirit of great mobilization and has made serious breakthroughs.


The first successful example of the National Technology Initiative was the projects implemented in the aerospace and defense industry. Defense industry projects have increased our ability to produce technology, reduced production costs and revealed our potential to develop disruptive technologies in a wide spectrum from unmanned aerial vehicles to rockets, from autonomous systems to space/satellite systems. The gains obtained from defense industry projects also set an example for the work of technology in other civilian areas.


Setting out with the vision of the National Technology Initiative, the Turkish Technology Team Foundation primarily aims to raise social awareness about the importance of technology in terms of development and full independence. In this direction, it carries out training and project-oriented activities for young people who will develop local, national and original technologies. Thus, investments are made in qualified human resources in order to ensure social development with well-educated individuals.


TEKNOFEST, Türkiye’de milli teknolojinin geliştirilmesi konusunda kritik rol oynayan birçok kuruluşun paydaşlığıyla düzenlenen Türkiye'nin ilk ve tek havacılık, uzay ve teknoloji festivalidir.